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What We Do

Home Cleaning

Of course we do all the standard things any good cleaning company does so we’ll dispense with the long list. After all, we assume cars come with an engine, wheels, and brakes, steering wheel, windows etc. If your current cleaning company doesn’t clean and sterilize toilets, dust above the doors, empty the garbages, etc., then we really need to talk!

Your first meeting with IATM is “The Walkthrough”. The Walkthrough is a detailed, room by room tour of your home with you and one of our senior staff during which we will note surfaces and finishes, stone types, tile, carpets, wood, etc so we can recommend the best products and procedures for your home.

We will discuss your schedule, your budget, and any special requirements you may have. We’d like to meet your family and your pets.

In other words, we want to be a part of your family’s larger team; the teachers, professionals, tradesmen etc., who help you keep your home and life running cleanly, smoothly, and efficiently.

We go far beyond a routine cleaning schedule. We will clean specific areas at each clean, and rotate through others that might only need cleaning every second or third clean. We will do extra cleans before a party, the arrival of guests, or other special occasion. (Of course we appreciate as much advance notice as possible.)

We will let your dog out, or in as requested, and make the beds. Just ask. If you are on vacation we will look in on your home, water the plants.

If you have aging parents, or are yourself in need of even more help we can help. We have interviewed companies that provide pre-prepared meal services, shopping assistance, companionship, yard care and other services.

Please check our Testimonials page to read what our clients are saying about our work.